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Archaeopteryx (Greek for ancient wing, old wing, or ancient feather) was the first bird to evolve and unlike most birds today, still had teeth. It lived in the late Jurassic period in Germany, about 150-148 million years ago.

The first Archaeopteryx was found in 1861 near Solnhofen in Bavaria, Germany. Archaeopteryx looks like a reptile with wings and feathers. It had a mouth with teeth, claws at the hands and a long tail like dinosaurs or reptiles. Today, it is known that some dinosaurs looked like birds and that some had feathers. When they are born, today's South American hoatzin have claws on their wings when they are young, just like Archaeopteryx.

At first sight, the 150-million-year-old fossil of an Archaeopteryx looks very like a living bird, with broad, feathered wings. But it had a long, bony tail like an extinct Dinosaur. This combination of feathers does not exist in any modern animal

Appearance in Episodes

The Archaeopteryx first appeared on Dino Dan Trek's Adventures (cameo as a costume)