Name: Isaac Durnford

Eyes: Green

Nationality: Canadian

Born: February 26, 1998 (18 years)

Cory Schumpeter is one of Dane's best friends. Cory's super smart, just like Dan, and super funny and doesn't have a mean-spirited bone in his body. He never makes fun of people and, usually, the laughs he gets are at his own expense. As one would expect from the class clown, Cory has a
crazy active imagination.

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Extremely whitish skin and emerald eyes. Chewing gum

Spanish Translation: Piel extremadamente blanquecina y ojos de color esmeralda. Masca chicle.

His house is there


Cory has appeared in many episodes of Dino Dan. His first appearance was in Bones in the Backyard, the second episode of Dino Dan.

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