Biographic Information

“But where do facts come from? They come from scientists who have imagined things that no one else has ever thought of before. I’m working on a dino experiment right now that could change what we know about dinosaurs forever. That, to me, is magical. But before I can make history, I need to save your brother.”

Dana is a 10-year old adventure-seeking girl who dreams about all things prehistoric. This paleontologist-in-training loves science, knowledge, and finding ways to get her older sister Saara to join her. She’s whip-smart and therefore clever enough to know when she needs a helping hand or a new piece of intel to help solve her dino experiments. Dana is obsessed with dinosaurs because paleontologists haven’t figured out everything about them yet. Her mission is to fill in the missing pieces. Dana has a magical ability to imagine dinosaurs into the real world, but her real power is the way she’s able to ignite excitement in everyone around her.

Appearances in Looks

Dana is a female kid (girl) with long black hair. she wears a green vest and a blue-and-white striped shirt. Dana's pants are tan.

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