Tyrannosaurus Rex('Tyrant Reptile King') was a large Meat-eating

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Dinosaur form the end of the cretaceous


period. It is often referred to as the "king of Dinosaurs".

Appearances In Episode

T.rex has been in a variety of episodes. It is always the Main Dinosaur. It first appeared in Trouble Clef and last appeared in Game of Bones

Appearance In Colors

Brown, Yellow, Orange, Dark Green, and Red

Other Information

Pronunciation:ti-RAN-o-SOR-us RECKS

Etymology:Tyrannikos=Tyrant Sauro=Lizard(Or Generalized Reptile)Rex=King

Length: 39 feet

Height: 13 feet

weight: 6.688 tonnes

Location: Canada and America

Timeline: 68-65 mya

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